Rather Boring Soup with Super-Tasty Sourdough-Garlic-Rosemary Croutons, or, Understanding My Slow Cooker Wife

This soup

I think I should use my slow cooker more often. I affectionately call it “my slow-cooker wife,” as in “My slow-cooker wife has been working so hard all day on chili verde pork for supper…She’s the best; I love her.” This love notwithstanding, I don’t use it enough, and I think the reason is that […]

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On the Difference Between “Cooking” and “Making Supper Happen”

I haven’t cooked a meal in weeks. I’ve prepared food that we’ve eaten at meal times around our table. It’s been nourishing and not bad-tasting. But I haven’t cooked. I mean cooked like entering the kitchen at four and turning on the stereo and wearing an apron and emerging at five-thirty with four hot plates […]

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On “baby food” and baby’s food.


I began writing this post more than six months ago, when my younger daughter, Ripley, was just beginning to eat food other than breast milk. Now she is on to cold pizza, lots of beans, sauced noodles, apple slices, satsumas, pad thai, and peanut butter sandwiches. Her first top teeth broke through last week, but […]

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